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It’s an absolute thrill to present the second issue of Turkoslavia Journal, featuring fourteen authors, twelve translators, and eleven languages. The poetry and prose in this issue put forth a very distinct picture of Turkic and Slavic literatures than that offered by the first issue: different languages, time periods, forms—and a much greater emphasis on poetry!

The issue brings together work by Memtimin Hoshur, Ognjen Obradović, Jakub Kornhauser, Hamid Ismailov, Sultan Rayev, Talasbek Asemqulov, an unknown Bosnian shayk, Geo Milev, Yuriy Serebriyanski, Urmuz, Betül Dünder, Bashorat Otajonova, Aziz Nesin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Munawwar Abdulla, Vlad Beronja, Shelley Fairweather-Vega, Piotr Florczyk, Edin Hajdarpašić, Dorotea Lechkova, Ariadna Linn, Marina Sofia, Öykü Tekten, Shokhrukh Usmonov, Will Washburn, Claire Roosien, and the Turkoslavia team—with this year’s guest poetry editor, Zohra Saed and graphic artist Tim Peters

Please read the issue and enjoy!

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