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The Turkoslavia Collective edits an online journal of literary translation from Turkic and Slavic languages. It launched in 2022 in collaboration with Exchanges journal at the University of Iowa. The poetry and prose published in Turkoslavia Journal stages the work of brilliant but often underrepresented authors writing in lesser-translated languages. We welcome generically diverse work that challenges the nationalized borders through which we think about literature today and thinks creatively about these languages' many overlapping traits and histories. 


We are currently closed for submissions. Submissions will reopen in July 2024. 



Do you pay?

At this moment, we are still running Turkoslavia and its journal on a volunteer basis.

What are your formatting requirements?

Formatting is of minor concern, but we do prefer Word docs (no pdfs) for both source text and translation.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes! Do let us know you are considering other homes for your work and withdraw as soon as possible.

Do you accept novel excerpts?

Yes! As long as they can be read as stand-alone pieces. 

Do you accept translations of works not published in their source language?


Will you require translators to secure translation rights?

If accepted, you will be asked to share with us the permission to publish from the copyright holder. The journal will not request those rights on your behalf.

Do you accept self-translations?

We prefer submissions not translated by the author, but may consider self-translations in certain instances.

Do you publish book reviews?

Not at this time.

Do you accept reprints?

Reprints will be considered if justified—i.e., if the piece is out of print or there is another barrier to its access. If the piece is accepted for publication, the translator will be asked to share proof of permission to publish from the copyright holder. 

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