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2023 August: Baqytgul Sarmekova's collection of stories, To Hell with Poets, translated by Mirgul Kali and forthcoming with Tilted Axis Press in February 2024, receives English PEN's PEN Translates award.

2023 August: On August 3, Sabrina Jaszi will read with author Alisa Ganieva as part of PEN's Women in Translation Reading Series. Register to attend:

2023 July: Sabrina Jaszi and Roman Ivashkiv's translation of The Tears and Smiles of Things by Andriy Sodomora has been selected for support by the Ukrainian Books Institute. It is forthcoming with Academic Studies Press. 

2023 June: Ena Selimović's essay on the language memoirs of Jhumpa Lahiri and Dubravka Ugrešić—"Balkan, Creole, Other: Dislocating Contemporary Multilingualisms"—appears in the Journal of Literature Multilingualism

2023 May: Sabrina Jaszi receives an Indigenous Poetics Lab Fellowship from UC Berkeley's Arts Research Center


2023 February: Mirgul Kali's translation of the short story "My Skin Drifts Away,​" written in Kazakh by Merey Kossyn, appears in Apofenie

2023 February: Mirgul Kali's translation of To Hell with Poets, a short story collection by Baqytgul Sarmekova, is forthcoming with Tilted Axis Press in Fall 2023!

2023 January: Sabrina Jaszi and Ena Selimović receive National Endowment for the Arts Translation Fellowships—Sabrina for her translation of Dekada by Semyon Lipkin, and Ena for her translation of Vanilla Ice Cream by Đurđa Knežević!

2022 November: In collaboration with Exchanges journal at the University of Iowa, Turkoslavia launches the first issue of their translation journal, featuring translations from BCMS, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, & Uzbek! 

2022 August: Sabrina Jaszi's translation of Alisa Ganieva's short story "Before the Test" appears in Astra Magazine.

2022 August: Mirgul Kali's translation of Baqytgul Sarmekova's short story "The Black Colt" appears in the Summer/Fall 2022 print issue of Gulf Coast, A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts.

2022 July: Mirgul Kali's review of Amanat: Women’s Writing from Kazakhstan appears in Hopscotch Translation

2022 June: Ena Selimović's conversation with Maša Kolanović on her novel Underground Barbie appears in World Literature Today

2022 May: Ena Selimović's essay "Postcolonial Encounters in the Other Europe: Linguistic Racialization in a Born-Translated Sarajevan Novel" appears in the Spring special issue of Slavic and East European Journal.

2022 March: Turkoslavia opens submission call for its first issue to be launched in Fall 2022 in collaboration with Exchanges journal at the University of Iowa! 

2021 December: Interview with Turkoslavia appears in Reading in Translation journal. 

2021 November: Interview with Mirgul Kali appears in The Alma Review.

2021 September: Mirgul Kali is a recipient of the 2022 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant for her translation from Kazakh of To Hell with Poets by Baqytgul Sarmekova. Learn more about her work and the nine other translations! 

2021 July: Ena Selimović's translation of Maša Kolanović's "Unending" appears in the Summer issue of Asymptote. “Unending” is the seventh short story in the twelve-story collection Dear Pests and Other Chilling Stories, which Ena is co-translating with Vlad Beronja.

2021 July: Ena Selimović's article, Weltliteratur and Its Others: The Serbian Poem in Eckermann's Conversations with Goethe, appears in PMLA

2021 April: At the Sant Jordi New York Festival, Mirgul Kali read from her translation of "Fire," an excerpt from Mukhtar Maguain's novel she published in the Summer 2020 issue of the Massachusetts Review. Featuring translations and translators from across Asia, the reading was hosted by Corine Tachtiris, Prose-in-Translation Editor at the Massachusetts Review. Learn more about the festival here

2021 April: Russian satirist Teffi's short story, "Leshachikha," translated by Sabrina Jaszi for Other Worlds: Peasants, Pilgrims, Spirits, Saints and edited by Robert Chandler, is now out from NYRB Classics. Read Robert Chandler's introduction to the collection in the Paris Review.

2021 February: Sabrina Jaszi's translation "Munkar and Nakir," a short story by Alisa Ganieva, is published in the February 2021 issue of Words Without Borders. The story appears with Sabrina's reflection on her translation process. The Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania hosted a reading featuring the writers and translators in the special issue of Young Russophone Writers. 

2021 February: Ena Selimović reviewed Dubravka Ugrešić's The Age of Skin, translated by Ellen Elias-Bursać, for Reading in Translation

2020 December: Vladimir Arsenijević's short story, "Regarding the Father," translated by Ena Selimović, appears in Belgrade Noir from Akashic Books. 

2020 July: The Massachusetts Review interviewed Mirgul Kali for their "10 Questions" series. 

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