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by Ena Selimović

Resource sharing is as critical in our line of work as any. Over the years I have been grateful for all the generous translators who have shared their drafts, expertise, network, reading lists, talks, and, crucially, reference sources. A central goal I had for the Turkoslavia site was to be a place people could go for information—and where else would a dictionary-obsessed person like me start but with a few of my go-to dictionaries?

Sometimes I stop to think how much I wish these few in particular had come into my life sooner, but then they did, didn't they, and I move on.

1999 Croatian-English Dictionary by Željko Bujas

2007 Bosnian Dictionary by Ibrahim Čedić et. al.

1937+ Dictionary of loan words by Milan Vujaklija

1966 Dictionary of Turkisms in Serbo-Croatian

Definitions, Syntagms, Etimologies, & more

Englesko-hrvatski rjecnik, Rudolf Filipovic
Download PDF • 17.93MB


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