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by Sabrina Jaszi

Comprehensive Uzbek-English dictionaries and grammars are still a rarity. Those that do exist tend to be hidden away in the collections of a few academic libraries across the U.S. But there's hope! Some have been scanned and made available online. Even better, a few websites that have compiled these works are are some of my go-tos for translating Uzbek.

Web Resources:

Explanatory Dictionary of the Uzbek Language

Online Uzbek dictionary with over a million 1 entries, many taken directly from the Uzbek Academy of Sciences' Oʻzbek Tilining Izohli Lugʻati. Entries contain multiple definitions with examples from Uzbek and Chagatai literature. No Cyrillic search possible, but the dictionary will parse words with all types of suffixes. Note: This is all in Uzbek, but with a little help from machine translation, the corpus examples are incredibly helpful.

The Azure Ship

Created by William Dirks, supports Latin script only. Uzbek-English and English-Uzbek searches are both possible. 

A high-quality Uzbek-Russian and Russian-Uzbek online dictionary that supports both Cyrillic and Latin. No examples, but there are often multiple definitions for a single term.

PDF Dictionaries:

Comprehensive Uzbek-English Dictionary

by Jahangir Mamatov, Michael Horlick and Karamat Kadirova

Published in 2011, the gold standard of English-Uzbek dictionaries with multiple definitions and usage examples for most words. Scanned and OCR'd by yours truly. Note: The file here contains only half the dictionary, but since the examples repeat, most words can be found through searching. 

Comprehensive Uzbek-English Dictionary
Download PDF • 192.72MB

by M. M. Abdurahimov

2008 cyrillic dictionary with over 20,00o words, as well as common phrases and expressions.

by Hervé Guérin

Thematic glossary of Uzbek terms.


by András J. E. Bodrogligeti

This 2003 grammar is the most recent in English. No scan available, unfortunately, but it can be checked out from your local university library.

by Hervé Guérin

Advanced Uzbek grammar with examples in English and Uzbek.

by Andrée F. Sjoberg

Published in 1962, but still useful.


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